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To me, RM Electrical Services is about providing customers with an electrical contractor that’s honest, reliable and priced fair. I like to think that I let the customer know if they are requesting things that aren’t needed and not try to upsell them.

RM Electrical Services has an RBO (risk based oversight) of less than 4% which means that I don’t make mistakes. I have been in the electrical trade since 1997 and most of that time has been spent in industrial atmospheres throughout North America.

I have worked in automotive plants, paper mills, mines and gas exploration rigs as an electrician and started RM Electrical Services to help a friend out with hot tub installations because he couldn’t find a good electrician.

I love what I do and plan on expending soon. My main focus is standby generators and service upgrades as well as pools and hot tubs.

E.V chargers are becoming a bigger demand now and we are equipped to give the customer what they need.

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RM Electrical Proudly Services Ottawa & Surrounding Areas.
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